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Machinery manufacturing industry solution



Machinery manufacturing industry solution

Body protection solution
Style: white/blue two-layer coverall suit for paint spraying. Back side air ventilation design to increase the ventilation space for workers, comfortable and breathable. Breathable ear design, more adequate air source, to increase the wearing comfort when operating.
Head protection solution
Style: the self-developed flame retardant fabric is designed according to the welder's working habit and protective points. The ribbing design of the head effectively protect the hair and face from damage during welding. Suitable for welding and sanding workers.
Respiratory protection scheme
Efficient filtration, dust-proof suit suitable for welding, casting, sanding and other posts; Anti-virus suit is suitable for paint spraying post, effectively preventing acid gas and organic steam, such as sulfur dioxide, etc. 3M quality guarantee.
Hand protection solution
Made of special anti-static polyester fabric, the base material is composed of polyester and conductive fiber. Gloves have excellent elasticity and anti-static performance to avoid damage caused by static electricity generated by human body, it is widely used in electronic industry, semiconductor, dust - free workshop and daily life.67
Foot protection solution
Functions: anti-smash, puncture proof, anti-skid, anti-static and high temperature resistant,etc (all functions can be customized according to customer requirements)34
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