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Industry solutions



Industry solutions

Operation and maintenance safety protection solution
Functions: it is used to protect all personnel who may have arc injuries, mainly used to protect against high temperature and fire injuries, to reduce the probability of being injured in a potential hazardous arc environment, which can be worn during escape from an arc explosion accident.
Live work safety protection solution
Function: Human body will in direct contact with the high-voltage live parts when equal potential working, . There will be dangerous current flows in the high-voltage electric field, endangering human body. The personal safety of the staff can be guaranteed by wearing a full set of shielding clothing (equipotential voltage-sharing suit).
Substation inspection and ground potential working safety protection solution
Function: to avoid the ecological impact on the human body caused by induction of electricity and electrostatic accumulation in the live quipment operation and the strong electricity field.
Other safety protection solution
Function: windproof and waterproof.
Fabrics and properties: waterproof and breathable fabrics. Garments are waterproof, windproof and breathable.
Standards: it conforms to the standard of GB18401-2010 National Basic Safety Technical Regulations For Textiles and FZ/ T81007-2003 《single, clip-on clothing》.
Applicable position: outdoor workers
Body protection solution
Style: split welder suit in blue/white. Front piece longitudinal segmentation, the pocket is subtly blended with the dividing line, the placket is designed with a zipper and a windshield. Pants pockets are multi-function pockets, the double-layer cloth at the knee is designed to be more ergonomic and easy to operate. The crotch is designed with crotch insertion, which is more stable and suitable for work with high intensity.
Function: it can avoid the welder's body injury caused by welding splash during work. Meet the standards of GB8965.2-2009《Flame Retardant Protective Clothing. Welding Clothing》 , suitable for the workers of vehicle structure welding.
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