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Metal smelting industry solution



Metal smelting industry solution

Flame retardant protection solution
It can avoid injuries to human body caused by spark splash when working in front of the furnace. It meets the national standard of flame retardant clothing, and applicable to operators working in front of furnace.
High temperature protection solution
The thermal insulation clothing has a good ability to slow and prevent heat transfer, avoiding heat source damage to human body, and providing good safety protection for workers in the high-temperature environment.
Protection against spatter of metallic solution
After touching the flames and hot objects, within a certain period of time can prevent itself from beingignited flame burning and smoldering, and the burning part will be carbonized rapidly after the fire source is removed without melting or dripping.67
Dustproof solution
Limited space safety protection solution
Definition: Closed or partially closed, relatively isolated from the outside, only with narrow entrances and exits, operators cannot work inside for a long time, poor ventilation easily to cause toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive material accumulation or insufficient oxygen space. Difficult to rescue and easy to extend in case of accident.456
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