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After-sales service



After-sales service

After-sales service

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Service network construction/delivery guarantee (service response timeliness)/technical service guarantee
        Yourfield has sales and service outlets in guangdong (dongguan, huadu, shenzhen, foshan, guangzhou), guangxi (nanning, qinzhou), yunnan (kunming, baoshan, Dali), guizhou (guiyang), hainan (haikou), fujian (xiamen) and other parts of the country.
        The company will respond positively to the terms in the tender documents without any deviation and reservation. With the purpose of meeting customer demands and regarding meeting customer requirements as the ultimate goal of our company's production and service, Yourfield promises to respond to customer’s feedback within 1 hour and provide corresponding solutions.
        Yourfield takes the customer’s satisfaction as the goal of service, takes the user's request as our requirement to the product and service. In the constantly perfected sales service, services should be complete services from beginning to end including pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale service. Persist in the principle of quality first and service first until the customer satisfaction. During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem or technical defect that cannot be repaired within 48 hours or need to be returned to the factory for repairing, our company shall replace the whole product free of charge.
Professional delivery capacity
1. Our company has a long-term cooperation agreement with professional logistics companies, including deppon, longbang, aneng and other logistics companies, with a special direct logistics line to guangdong, the goods can be delivered to the customer within 2 days.
2. Our company has 5 trucks, which can meet the delivery requirements at any time according to customer requirements;
3. Our company has a special logistics department, which provides inspection and delivery services. The department has 2 managers and 5 drivers, 7 in total.
4.Yourfield offers regular business training for all on-duty personnel of the logistics department, so as to keep them in high quality on duty.
After-sales service guarantee
        The company has a high-quality after-sales service team of 25 people, 1 after-sales service director, and 14 teammates. The company has 4 senior technicians in after-sales service department, and 6 teammates, which are specialized in solving technical problems for customers.
Production and quality guarantee
        Our company has introduced the production line of outsole injection molding machine, as well as the special equipments such as puncture compression testing machine, lasting machinery and DIN abrasion testing machine, etc.
        The production is in strict accordance with ISO9000 quality system standard, and each production step is carried out according to our highest standard, and Each process is supervised by a specific person to ensure the factory pass rate is 100%.
        We extract 3% clothes senting to the national labor protection product quality supervision and testing center for inspection every month, and each batch of products shall be self-inspected at the same time during production to guarantee the product quality.
Delivery service guarantee
1.Production readiness
        Be clear about the specific tasks and responsibilities of the company's main department heads. The production department will set up all production matters, prepare and inspect all of raw materials and auxiliary materials, to make sure that no quality phenomenon will occur during the production. At the same time, we will Strengthen the education work for all kinds of management personnelin production, to make them to be on duty, in order to facilitate the effective implementation of all work.
        The deployment of production workers, materials transportation, department management and production logistics will be according to the production needs, everyone must obey the assignment,checking and analyzing the plan completion status in time,and taking measures to remedy uncompleted production plan.
        We will strengthen the plan management, and set up class meetings and prenatal regular meetings. Heads of all departments will constantly check the implementation status of each node process according to the plan to ensure the realization of the planed total construction period.
2.Technical measures
        We will prepare the production plan according to delivery date and strengthen the deployment of manpower, material resources and technical scheduling according to the plan to ensure the sufficient supply of materials, will follow up the production according to the check plan every day.
        We will arrange the skilled workers properly to improve the working efficiency,and will strengthen the raw material purchase management, select the best supplier after comparison to ensure qualified material supply on time.
       The technician will Carry out a comprehensive inspection to all equipments before entering the site, so as to avoid mechanical equipment failure or shortage which may affect the progress of the project.
       We will also strengthen the technical management, the drawing will be reviewed before each procedure and detailed technical disclosure is made. Following up the quality of each process during production and installation. Solving the problem in time if found, so as not to affect the progress.
3.Procurement measures
       Once the purchase order is arrived, the purchasing department will arrange the purchase for the first time to ensure the punctual production.
4.Quality inspection measures
        We Will strengthen the quality control to avoid the rework and work stoppage caused by product quality, carry out the product packaging inspection before delivery and complete the quality inspection analysis,just to ensure the goods qualified rate is 100%.
5.Capital preparation measures
        To guarantee the delivery date, the company will prepare the fund in advance. Material preparation and production will be arrange in the shortest time after receiving the deposit.
6.Information management measures
        The actual progress information will be collected in the production, and will compare with the planned progress,just to guarantee the delivery time.
7.Service measures
        The company arranged senior sales manager to serve for customer company, and the service response rate reaches 100%. After receiving relevant information, the company will communicate with all departments within one hour, provide corresponding solutions within 12 hours, and will assist the customer to solve the problem within 48 hours as soon as possible.