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Rail transit solution



Rail transit solution

Body protection solution
Style: split welder suit in blue/white. Front piece longitudinal segmentation, the pocket is subtly blended with the dividing line, the placket is designed with a zipper and a windshield. Pants pockets are multi-function pockets, the double-layer cloth at the knee is designed to be more ergonomic and easy to operate. The crotch is designed with crotch insertion, which is more stable and suitable for work with high intensity.
Function: it can avoid the welder's body injury caused by welding splash during work. Meet the standards of GB8965.2-2009《Flame Retardant Protective Clothing. Welding Clothing》 , suitable for the workers of vehicle structure welding.
Head protection scheme
Style: the self-developed flame-retardant fabric is designed according to the welder's working habit and protective points. The ribbing design of the head effectively protect the hair and face from damage during welding. Suitable for welding and sanding workers.
Hand protection solution
Flame-retardant, heat-insulation, wear - resistant, anti - scald, anti - radiation performance.
Foot protection solution
Adopting imported fabrics developed in Germany, double layers material design, lining uses the inherent flame-retardant knitted fabric, soft and comfortable.
Respiratory protection solution
The filtration efficiency of protective particles is above 90%
Cold flow air valve, suitable for long time wearing in hot and humid environment
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