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“Yourfield®.Safety+” 2016 Hunan Yongsheng Product Promotion Conference
On March 12th, Xiangtan City's special investment promotion conference and multi-purpose special clothing investment conference was held in Xiangtan Panlong Villa Hotel. More than 200 representatives
Hunan Yongzhen became a labor insurance supplier of Guangdong Petrochemical
Recently, Hunan Yongsheng Company received the “Material Supplier Access Permit” from China National Petroleum Corporation and became a supplier of labor protection products such as work clothes
New equipment helps Hunan Yongsheng take off
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2013-12-13 11:35
Recently, a batch of more than 200,000 yuan of new equipment such as eye-opening machine, machine-making jujube and burying machine arrived at the production site of Hunan Yongsheng Company. The exper
Hunan Yongzhen participated in the 88th Labor Insurance Products Exhibition, which was very fruitful.
From April 8th to 10th, Hunan Yongzhen Special Protective Products Co., Ltd., as the only self-produced and special-purpose clothing company in Hunan Province, participated in the 88th session
"Yonghui" continues to maintain the title of famous trademark in Hunan Province
On February 19, 2014, the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the No. 1 document of Xianggong Trademark (2014), confirming that the “Yonghui” trademark continued to maint
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