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Limited space work training

Limited space work training

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Limited space
Definition: It means closed or partially closed place, relatively isolated from the outside world, only with narrow entrances and exits, operators cannot work inside for a long time, poor ventilation easily to cause toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive material accumulation or insufficient oxygen space. Difficult to rescue and easy to extend in case of accident.
Possible hazards of limited space
Death by asphyxia:
Hypoxia is the leading killer of confined space. Common reasons for hypoxia in confined space include:
Metal rust consumes oxygen;
Combustion consumes oxygen;
Oxygen is replaced by other gases;
Oxygen is consumed by microorganisms;
Toxic and harmful gas poisoning, combustible gas fire:
Toxic gas (mainly include CO, H2S, etc.) sources: substances used or produced in the space + external pollution sources
Sources of harmful gases (N2, CO2, O2, etc.) : excessive content leads to hypoxia, and oxygen toxicity may occur if oxygen concentration is over 40%
Sources of combustible gases and vapors: decomposition, replacement, residue (evaporation of residual components, products of chemical processes, desorption of building materials), work products
Limited space workplace:
Industrial furnace (blast furnace, converter, hot air furnace, boiler, heating furnace), tower, ball tank, gas tank, tank car, hopper (trough), pipes, flue, etc.
The ultimate goal of limited space work training
The training contains theory and practical operation. The theoretical training enables each participant to master the key points of knowledge. After learning, the participant will take a mock exam to keep the safety knowledge in mind in real work. Actual operation enables each experiencer to use the safety protective equipment skillfully (such as seat belts, safety rope, escape device, falling brakes, vertical horizontal lifeline, etc) to ensure the safety operation and avoid injuries caused by harsh environments in real work. The training aims to guarantee the safety of workers in special industries.
Working experience in confined space
Tripod confined space rescue: provide working support and fall protection, emergency rescue use
Side entry system rescue: horizontal penetration and vertical security and recovery
Operators should wear full - body safety belt, safety rope, helmet, etc
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