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500KV AC high voltage anti-static protective clothing



500KV AC high voltage anti-static protective clothing

500KV AC high voltage anti-static protective clothing

Product description
Main function: To avoid the ecological impact on the human body caused by the induction of electricity and electrostatic accumulation in the live equipment operation and the strong electricity field. AC high-voltage electrostatic shielding protective clothing is made of conductive materials and textile fiber blended woven cloth, with high shielding efficiency, small surface resistance and better elasticity, feel, appearance and wearing performance, which can effectively protect the circuit , substation patrol and the ground potential operators from the impact of AC high-voltage electric field.
Applicable industries & positions:
Industries: power grid transmission lines and ground potential operations center (500KV); 
Positions: position: 110KV-500KV AC transmission line and substation inspection and ground potential operators.
Features & Introduction:
◆The protective performance conforms to the standard of 500KV AC high voltage anti-static protective clothing;
◆Have the characteristics of washable, antifriction, colorfast, good tensile, not easy to tear, long service life, etc.;
◆Light, breathable, sweat-absorbing, strong flexibility, comfortable;
◆Clothing sewing thread, zipper, button, pocket cloth and other accessories all use flame-retardant materials, better safety performance;
◆The buttons and other related accessories are made by flame-retardant materials.
◆Do not contact with sources of danger closely after wearing;
◆Strictly prohibited to wear separately, all are set, must be fully equipped;
◆It is strictly prohibited to wear conductive clothing but wear insulation shoes, etc.;
◆Does not allow as the protective clothing for equipotential live working directly;
◆Prohibit to put on and take off AC high voltage anti-static protective clothing in working, flammable and explosive areas;
◆It is best to use a neutral detergent to wash, do not wash with other clothes, using hand washing or gentle model of machine washing , to avoid conductive wire rupture. The washing temperature should be below 40 degrees Celsius. Washing time should be as short as possible, but must be fully rinsed to remove residual detergent;
◆Transport should be noted that AC high voltage anti-static protective clothing should have a covering, shall not damage the packaging, to prevent the sun and high temperature, handing gently;
◆Store in dry ventilated place to prevent mildew deterioration.
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Product Name:AC high voltage anti-static protective coat+ pants
Product Code: coat 812240032 pants 812240033
product specification: 500KV
Fabric Composition: Conductive fibers and textile fibers blended intertwined.
Product Standard: GB/T18136-2008  500KV AC high voltage anti-static protective clothing
Color: sapphire blue / khaki
Packing: 1 set/ctn.
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