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12CAL arc flash protective clothing accessories



12CAL arc flash protective clothing accessories

12CAL arc flash protective clothing accessories

Product description
Main function: Used to protect personnel who may have an arc injury, primarily to protect against high temperature and flame damage, to reduce the probability of injury in potential arc hazard environments, to be worn while escaping from an electric arc explosion. (when the arc explosion occurs, the fabric expands and carbonizes rapidly. The arc-proof fabric becomes thicker and thickened, quickly forming a protective layer, thereby minimizing contact damage to human skin and arc heat);
Applicable industries & positions:
Industries: electricity grids / industrial & enterprise substation; 
Positions: personnel engaged in operation, commissioning, overhaul and maintenance of power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution and electricity.
Features & Introduction:
◆The  protective performance conforms to the Grade Ⅱ protection standard of the arc-proof suit;
◆Style simple, comfortable and breathable;
◆The material is made by permanent arc-proof fabric (not post-processing materials, is a permanency inherent flame retardant material, which can be repeatedly washed with arc-proof property remained), the special material of plant fiber makes the garment have excellent health and environmental protection performance; the fabrics with natural plant fiber composition, it has superior light, breathable, breathable effect;
◆Clothing with heat-resistant, flame retardant, not combustion, not melting, anti-static, anti-burst characteristics;
◆Have the characteristics of washable, antifriction, colorfast, good tensile, not easy to tear, long service life, etc.;
◆Accessories sewing thread, button are used flame-retardant materials, better safety performance;
◆3M reflective strip, better warning effect, better safety;
◆The Velcro, buttons, zippers and other related accessories on clothing are made by flame-retardant materials.   
Not for the protection of molten metal splashing, chemical splashing, high temperature liquid, fire and other fields, cannot replace professional insulation products;     
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Product name:arc flash protective hood, gloves, legging,face screen(included safetyhelmet, face shield, bracket)
Product Code: hood 811400011gloves 811400013legging 811400012face screen 822300008
Product specification:ATPV=12CAL/cm2
Fabric Compositions: inherent flame-retardant aramid fiber + anti-static fiber
Product Standards: compliance with ASTM1959 standards; passed the test of Quality Surveillance Inspection Center for Electrical Safety Tools and Apparatuses of Electric Power Industry; passed the test of KINECTRICS Laboratory in Canada
Grammage: 270g
Color: dark blue/lake blue
Packing: 15 sets/ctn.
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