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Permanent inherent flame retardant protective clothing in autumn



Permanent inherent flame retardant protective clothing in autumn

Permanent inherent flame retardant protective clothing in autumn

Product description
Main function:
After touching the flames and hot objects, within a certain period of time can prevent itself from being ignited, flame burning and smoldering, and the burning part will carbonize rapidly without melting or dripping when the ignition source removed, giving people time to undress or evacuate the burning scene, reduce or avoid burning, so as to protect the human body;
Applicable industries & positions
Industries: iron and steel smelting, metal thermal processing, petroleum and petrochemical, mechanical processing, fireworks, nuclear power, and other industries such as exposure to open flame or flammable materials;
Positions: workers who work in places with fire, sparks, flammable substances and with fire hazard. Workers who work in the vicinity of a molten metal (e.g., Pre-furnace workers, smelters).
Features & Introduction:
◆The protective performance conforms to GB8965.1-2009 Protective clothing Flame-retardant protectionPart1: Flame-retardant protective cloth
◆Easy to put on and take off, free to move while wearing, difficult to hooking, hanging, twisting and grinding while working;
◆The coats are designed as three tight style, that is, cuffs are tight, collars are tight and hems of clothes are tight;
◆YKK zipper on coat for long service life;
◆The thread design for cuffs and lower hem for better safety performance and move freely;
◆Clothing has flame-retardant, anti-static properties, inherent flame-retardant (permanent flame-retardant);
◆Side seam oblique bag design for trouser, can prevent the operation tool left behind effectively;
◆Clothing lining over-seam design, increasing the service life, not only strong but also beautiful;
◆User-friendly design: Waistband elastic design, convenient for different waistline workers wearing.
◆In places with open fire, sparks, flammable substances with fire hazard and in the vicinity of a molten metal, do not unbutton to keep cool, need to wear a full set to ensure the safety of the operation;
◆It is best to use a neutral detergent to wash, do not wash with other clothes, using hand washing or gentle model of machine washing. The washing temperature should be below 40 degrees Celsius. Washing time should be as short as possible, but must be fully rinsed to remove residual detergent;
◆Transport should be noted that AC high voltage anti-static protective clothing should have a covering, shall not damage the packaging, to prevent the sun and high temperature, handing gently;
◆Store in dry ventilated place to prevent mildew deterioration.
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Product Name: Permanent inherent flame-retardant protective coat+ pants
Product Code: coat 811140073pants 811140074
Product Specifications and Parameters: Grade A; smolder2s, after-flame2s, no melting, dripping.
Fabric Composition: inherent flame-retardant aramid fiber IIIA fabric (permanent flame-retardant aramid fiber)
Product Standard: GB8965.1-2009Protective clothing Flame-retardant protectionPart1: Flame-retardant protective cloth
Grammage: 200g/m2
Color: dark blue
Packing:10 sets/ctn.
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