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Anti-splashprotective suit

Anti-splashprotective suit

Product description
Main function:
After touching the flames and hot objects, within a certain period of time can prevent itself from being ignited, flame burning and smoldering, and the burning part will carbonize rapidly without melting or dripping when the ignition source removed; The material itself contains wool flake structure can make high-temperature liquid splash automatically slide without adhesion; giving people time to undress or evacuate the burning scene, reduce or avoid burning, so as to protect the human body.
Applicable industries & positions:
Industries: smelting, metal thermal processing and other industries such as exposure to open flame or flammable materials;
Positions: workers who work in places with fire, sparks, flammable substances and with fire hazard. Workers who work in the vicinity of a molten metal, such as smelting (iron making, steel making, aluminum smelting), glass, furnace, melt splashes and other operations personnel.
Features & Introduction
◆The protective performance conforms to GB8965.1-2009 Protective clothing Flame-retardant protection Part 1: Flame-retardant protective cloth;
◆Easy to put on and take off, free to move while wearing, difficult to hooking, hanging, twisting and grinding while working;
◆The coats are designed as three tight style, that is, cuffs are tight, collars are tight and hems of clothes are tight. And leg openings are tight;
◆YKK flame retardant escape zipper on coat, increasing the escape coefficient effectively;
◆The warning material of the clothing is 3M flame retardant reflective strip, better warning performance;
◆Clothing lining over-seam design, increasing the service life, not only strong but also beautiful;
◆User-friendly design: Waistband elastic design, convenient for different waistline workers wearing;
◆Clothing accessories: sewing thread, Velcro, buttons, zippers and etc. are made by flame-retardant materials, better safety.
◆In places with open fire, sparks, flammable substances with fire hazard and in the vicinity of a molten metal, need to wear a full set to ensure the safety of the operation;
◆The washing temperature should be below 40 degrees Celsius. Washing time should be as short as possible, but must be fully rinsed to remove residual detergent;
◆Transport should be noted that anti-splash protective suit should have a covering, shall not damage packaging, to prevent the sun and high temperature; handing gently;
◆Store in dry ventilated place to prevent mildew deterioration.
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Product Name:anti-splash protective coat+ pants
Product Code: coat 811110111pants811110108
Product Specifications and Parameters: Grade B; smolder2s, after-flame2s, no melting, dripping.
Fabric Compositions: Wool and other fibers blends.
Grammage: 360g/m2
Color: dark blue
Packing:10 sets/ctn.
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