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Respiratory protection solution



Respiratory protection solution

Respiratory protection solution

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1.Dust mask
The filtration efficiency of protective particles is above 90%
Cold flow air valve, suitable for long time wearing in hot and humid environment
2.Dust/gas mask
Rubber material, comfortable and durable
High elastic headband, long life span
Efficient filtration, dust-proof suit suitable for welding, casting, sanding and other posts; Anti-virus suit is suitable for paint spraying post, and effectively prevents acid gas and organic steam, such as sulfur dioxide, etc. 3M quality guarantee.
3.Gas mask
The mask body can be cleaned and the parts can be replaced. Trapezoidal filter box has high active carbon content, long life and good absorption effect.
It can cooperate with all kinds of filter boxes, filter cotton,  and spare parts are available for replacement, it can also be used for double-tube air supply respiratory protection system, providing you with comfortable breathing space in harsh working environment.
A variety of masks and breathing tubes are available. Simple combination, easy to wear.
Suitable for painting, coating, pharmacy, chemical treatment, welding and other working environment.
Air supply and filter can be switched.
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