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Body protection solution

Body protection solution

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Flame retardant clothing
Suitable for work with open fire, spreading fire and flammable materials, as well as places at risk of fire e.g. before furnace, etc.
Flame retardant, no melting, no dripping, shrink resistance
Function: It can avoid injuries to human body caused by sparks flying in front of the furnace during work. It meets the national standard of flame retardant clothing, and applicable to operators working in front of furnace.
Fabric properties: Flame retardant performance achieves grade B of national test, the duration of smolder≤2S, damage length≤100mm, comfortable and compliance, it maintains excellent abrasion resistance, tear resistance and fracture resistance even after washing. Comfortable, hanging stiff and smooth, no fading, no deformation, shrink resistant.
Accessories: flame retardant resin zipper, 3M reflective lapel
Standard  GB8965.1-2009 
Anti-static clothing
Function: it can prevent the accumulation of static electricity and protect human body from the harm caused by static electricity in places vulnerable to  electric shock, spark and explosion. It is suitable for areas where may have gas explosion.
Fabric properties: 
It conforms to the standard of GB12014-2009《Anti-static Clothing》class B
Mine rescue only - Flame retardant anti - static clothing
Function: it is flame retardant and anti-static, suitable for the staffs working in places with open flame, spark, inflammable material and fire danger. (underground work, rescue, etc.)
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