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Body protection solution

Body protection solution

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1.Anti-static protection
Function: it can prevent the accumulation of static electricity and protect human body from the harm caused by static electricity in places vulnerable to  electric shock, spark and explosion. It is suitable for areas where may have gas explosion.
Fabric properties: it contains anti-static fabrics, and has anti - static function
It conforms to the standard of GB12014-2009《Anti-static Clothing》
Suitable positions: petroleum and petrochemical, gas station or other places that may cause electric shock, fire and explosion.
2.Flame retardant clothing
Function: after touching the flame and the hot object, it can prevent itself from being ignited, flame burning and smouldering for a certain period of time, and the burning part rapidly coals after the ignition source is removed without melting and dropping, which gives time to undress or evacuate from the burning site, so as to reduce or avoid burns and protect the human body.
Fabrics and properties: flame retardant knitted fabrics; Excellent functions of flame retardant, comfortable and compliance.
Standards:  GB8965.1-2009 《Protective clothing-Flame-Retardant protection-Part 1: Flame-Retardant protective clothe》.
Applicable positions: power grid live working center (110KV-750KV ultra-high voltage live workers), use together with the matched screen clothes.
3.Welding protective clothing
Style: split welder's suit in blue/white. Front piece longitudinal segmentation, the pocket is subtly blended with the dividing line, the placket is designed with a zipper and a windshield. Pants pockets are multi-function pockets, the double-layer cloth at the knee is designed to be more ergonomic and easy to operate. The crotch is designed with crotch insertion, which is more stable and suitable for work with heavy labor.
Function: it can avoid the welder's body injury caused by sparks flying.
Fabric performance: comfortable, hanging stiff and smooth, no fading, no deformation, shrink resistant.
Accessories: flame retardant zipper.
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