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Virtual reality education training

Virtual reality education training

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Definition of VR education:
Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment. Its interactive system simulation of three-dimensional dynamic scene and entity behavior that integrates multi-source information enables users to immerse themselves in the environment。
Importance of VR education:
The VR system offers realistic virtual device and environment, so that users can learn risks and hazards by different wrong operations in virtual environment, and eventually learn the correct operation methods, therefore the probability of various safety accidents are effectively reduced.
The ultimate goal of VR education 
The ultimate goal of VR education is to reduce and avoid harm caused by harsh environment by helping participants learn correct methods to work and rescue. The VR education provides both theoretical and practical training. Theoretical training helps participants understand key points in operation procedure with safety knowledge applied. Practical training familiarize users with safety equipment (such as safefy harness, safety rope, protective clothes, gloves, face screens, etc). With such immersive and impressive training, our VR education will effectively guarantee the safety of workers in special industries.
VR education modules:
1、Height fall prevention in construction engineering: experience construction work at height, learn the correct operation methods through VR technology, get familiar with the correct way of wearing safety belt and the choosing hanging points, so as to reduce the accidents of falling.
2、Electric shock prevention: experience electrical work in power industry. Let the participants learn the correct operation procedure and protective product wearing by creating an electric shock accident in virtual scene, to avoid any electric shock accident in reality.
3、Mechanical injury prevention: the module will simulate a wrong dangerous case of hand usage during mechanical operation which leads to hand injury. Then the module gives warnings and demonstrate the correct operation process, so as to avoid the same error in the real operation .
4、Smelting splash injury prevention: module simulates personal injury caused by sprinkling of iron, aluminum because of protective clothes, gloves are not correctly worn. Then module shows the participants should follow correct operation methods and use correct safety equipment.
5、More VR modules coming soon: fire escape, mine rescue, tunnel and welding operation, etc.
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