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The training Of work at heights



The training Of work at heights

The training Of work at heights

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Fall protection from a height
Definition:All works over 2 meters(including 2 meters) are considered as working at height. If there is no protection, poor protection or improper operation, falling of people or objects may occur in the high-altitude work at construction site. Human's unintended fall from high is called falling accident, an accident in which an object falls from a height and hits a person below is called an object strike accident. For a long time, it has always been the primary task of construction safety to prevent falling and hitting accidents at construction site.
Possible hazards from a height falling
Injuries caused by falling:
Shock, fracture, bleeding
Death by falling:
Falling death, collapsing death, object hitting death
Type of work at heights:
Edge, hole, climb, dangling, cross, etc.
Environments of work at heights:
Wind power, petroleum, natural gas, construction, electricity, public facilities, transportation, aviation industry, smelting, machining, mining, fire fighting and rescue operations, etc.
The ultimate goal of high altitude work training
The training contains theoretical and practical operations. The theoretical training enables each participant to master the key points of knowledge. After learning, the participant will take a simulated test to keep the safety knowledge in mind in the real work. Actual operation enables each experiencer to use the safety protective equipment skillfully. Including safety belts, safety ropes, escape devices, fall brakes, vertical horizontal lifelines, etc., so that each practitioner can return to the company and work and rescue in the correct way at work, reducing or avoiding the environment caused by harsh environments. The training aims to guarantee the safe production of employees in special industries.
Working experience at heigths: operators should wear full-body safety belt, safety rope, helmet, etc
Safety belt, safety rope, escape device, falling brake, vertical and horizontal lifeline
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